Groomfield Commercial

Groomfield Recruitment specialises in the placement of permanent and temporary candidates across a range of jobs from office-based administrative and customer service roles to human resources and management.

Matching people to jobs is crucial in this marketplace and we have a comprehensive system in place to achieve success. With trained and qualified consultants identifying both client and candidate needs we are able to match using an innovative matrix system which is unique to the industry.

Groomfield Commercial can supply temporary, permanent and contract staff to all industries for all requirements. Read below to discover just some of the reason why clients choose Groomfield Recruitment along with further information about our services.

  1. 1
    What's Important?

    The first question we ask – What’s Important To You? We’ll put you first ensuring we focus on the answer to that question. Whether you’re a client or candidate we’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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    The Groomfield Guarantee

    It’s not just our quirky tag line that makes us different, it’s what we do and how we do it. We believe it’s all about you, so we’ll give you a completely personalised service and won’t just stick you on a conveyor belt.

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    Exceeding Expectations, Every Time

    Our aim is to develop open and honest partnerships with both our clients and candidates. By building trust and understanding of your requirements we can ensure that we deliver a quality service that consistently exceeds your expectations time after time.

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    So, Why Choose Groomfield?

    Groomfield Recruitment offers a complete recruitment solution to your business that is totally flexible to your needs. Whether it’s a temporary, permanent or contract requirement, Groomfield Recruitment will utilise our extensive experience of supplying organisations of all sizes with a quality recruitment service.

If you're a Client...

We won’t just send you an endless supply of CV’s and expect you to separate the wheat from the chaff – we’ll do that for you. Instead, we think it’s important to work in partnership and act as an extension of your company. We won’t badger you with unnecessary phone calls and emails, instead we find out everything we need to know at the beginning – that way, you’ll save time.

If you're a Candidate...

We’ll make your job search easy. We’ll talk to you about your experience, what you enjoy (and what you don’t) and we’ll try and find the right role for you. Also…we won’t bombard you with tons of emails about the latest jobs, instead we’ll pick up the phone and talk to you about them!