31st March 2021

Zoom Interview Tips: How to Ace Your Next Interview

What a crazy twelve months it’s been! Never did we expect to spend so much time at home and away from our colleagues in our office. The pandemic has transformed the way that the recruitment industry operates, with candidates having to make their first impression via video call on Hangouts, Zoom, Teams and more! We think this trend is here to stay, to a certain degree, as it helps to streamline interviews for remote positions as well as keeping employers and candidates safe whilst we await the end of the pandemic. But, how do you make a good first impression on a video call? We’ve got our top zoom interview tips to make sure that you ace your next interview. Good luck!

Choose your environment wisely!

When preparing for your interview, it is important to consider where you are going to join your video call. In the kitchen with a pile of dirty dishes behind you is not the most ideal of locations! Try and pick somewhere that is light and bright with a fairly plain background, it will be less distracting for your interviewer.

Prepare your device!

Don’t leave it until the last minute to check if your device is charged, working or needs updates! Make sure that you check the night before and set off any updates that are required. You don’t know how long your interview will last so it is important to have your device fully charged or plugged into the mains if possible. You don’t want to get cut off! We would advise using a laptop or desktop computer for your interview if you have access to one, it means you won’t have to hold your phone for an hour or so and get sore arms! But if you only have a mobile device or tablet then find a solid base to prop it up against so that you can focus on your interview instead of holding your phone straight.

Check your connection!

Once you have found your spot for your interview, run a test Zoom with a friend to check your internet connection is stable where you are. You don’t want to sound like a Dalek during your interview, you want your interviewer to able to hear you loud and clear!

Focus on your camera!

Figure out where your camera is on whichever device you will be using for your video call. Once you’ve tracked it down, to demonstrate that you are making eye contact with your interviewers, focus on the camera when you’re talking. Maintaining eye contact is a great way to ensure that you are conveying confidence to your prospective employer.


Before your interview, make sure that you have switched your phone to silent (or off to avoid all distractions!) and also close down any windows on your computer that may cause alerts to sound off. It can be very distracting for you and your interviewers if there is a constant stream of pings going off! It’s also a good idea to remind anyone in your household that you’re going to be in an interview and make sure that you’re not interrupted!

The mute button is your best friend!

Once your interview has begun, if you’re at home and have a busy environment around you, then it is wise to mute yourself when your prospective employer is talking. It will help to create less of a distraction and allow them to focus on the questions they want to ask or information that they need to relay. Make sure that you keep your mouse hovering over the mute button so that you’re ready to speak at a moment’s notice!

Dress to Impress!

Treat your virtual interview as if it was an interview in person and dress accordingly. Gauge the interview based on what you know of the organisation and plan your outfit accordingly, but if in doubt – always opt for smart business attire.

Now that you’re all set, we wish you the best of luck with your interview, we know that you’ll smash it! But if it doesn’t work out, check out our latest vacancies to find your next opportunity. We have permanent and temporary roles available in a number of different industries across the country – our team are ready and waiting to find you the perfect role! Drop us a line now!


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